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LODA Authorizations

U.S. registered airplanes with 20 or more passenger seats or a 6,000 pound or more payload capacity operated for non-common carriage purposes such as delivering an aircraft (ferry flight) must be operated on a certificate (Part 121, 125, or 135), a Special Flight Permit (SFP), a Special Flight Authorization (SFA), or a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) from Part 125.

Large aircraft (>20 seats or 6,000 payload) delivery or ferry flights are typically conducted under Part 91 using:


An operator authorization to operate a specific aircraft make, model, and series, with a standard certificate of airworthiness in accordance with Part 91. (Long term authorization)


A one-time authorization for a specific airworthy aircraft and designated crew.


An authorization for non-airworthy aircraft deemed capable of safe flight.
Note: The above authorizations each require inspection program compliance in accordance with 14 CFR § 91.409(e) and (f).

Elan Express (GoRVSM) can support your airworthy aircraft ferry needs with SFAs or LODAs.

Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) – AC 120-116

Elan Express’ authority to operate under a LODA is allowed under § 125.3. A Leasing Company Specific LODA, as described in Advisory Circular 120-116, is a recent concept and considered operationally unique. The FAA has determined that such operations, conducted by airplanes with a seating configuration of 20 or more passengers or a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more, may be authorized a deviation from § 125.1 applicability, and allowed to conduct all operations in accordance with part 91.

Operations under a LODA.

When operating under an Elan Express LODA from the requirements of part 125, the aircraft will be operated under 14 CFR part 91 and requires an FAA approved inspection program.

Elan provides an approved inspection program for all of its aircraft type LODAs as required under 14 CFR part 91.409(f).


  • Boeing
    B737 -300, -400, -500
    B737 -600, -700, -800
    B747 -400
    B757 -200
    B767 -200, -300
  • Embraer
    EMB 135, EMB 145

What is the difference between an SFA and an SFP?

Special Flight Authorizations (SFA) - FSIMS 8900.1 Volume 3, Chapter 18, Section 2

The Elan Express A510 OpSpec SFA authorization is temporary and time-limited. The 500-series authorization grants temporary authority to a certificate holder, air operator, or program manager based on a particular situation or event.

Flight Standards policy allows the FSDO to issue an SFA to Elan Express on a case-by-case basis for specific flights. The FSDO issues the SFA under FAR Part 91 where a particular operation is infrequent or involves short periods of time--usually two weeks or less. FSDO's issue SFA's when an operation can be conducted safely, and the circumstances do not warrant the issuance of a letter of deviation authority.

Special Flight Permits - § 21.197

Special Flight Permits (SFP) can be issued by, an FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), an International Flight Standards Office (IFO), Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) or by Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs).

A special flight permit may be issued for an aircraft that may not currently meet applicable airworthiness requirements, but is capable of safe flight, for the following purposes: Flying aircraft to a point for repairs, alterations, maintenance, or storage (for example, ferrying an aircraft from point A to point B).

Under an SFP all applicable inspections will be conducted to ensure the airplane is in a safe condition for the intended flight. Inspections deemed necessary for safe flight will satisfy the requirement of 14 CFR § 91.409(f) for the purpose of the SFP only. Elan Express can provide an approved inspection program for SFP applicants as required under 14 CFR part 91.409(f).

NOTE: Prior to making application for an SFP an inspection program must be selected and identified in the airplane’s maintenance records per the regulations and used for the inspection of the airplane.

Special Flight Permits (SFP)

  • Delivering new aircraft to the base of a purchaser or to a storage point.
  • Conducting production flight tests.
  • Evacuating an aircraft from impending danger.
  • Conducting customer demonstration flights in new production aircraft that have passed or completed production flight tests.
  • Excess weight operations.
GoRVSM Expertise

GoRVSM Expertise

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