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The Operations Specification Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) for Special Flight Authorization (SFA) for Ferry Flights

AD Airworthiness Directive
ADD Acceptable Deferred Defect
AIPC Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AMO Approved Maintenance Organization
AMOC Alternate Means of Compliance
AMP Approved Maintenance Program
AN(OT)O Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order
AOC Air Operator’s Certificate
AOG Aircraft on Ground
BDCA Department of Civil Aviation-Bermuda
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (e.g. of the United Kingdom)
CAACI Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
CAM Continuous Airworthiness Manager
CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
C of A Certificate of Airworthiness
C of R Certificate Of Registration
CDL Configuration Deviation List
CMM Component Maintenance Manual
CRS Certificate of Release to Service
D098 Operations Specification Letter of Authorization (LOA) for short term operations in RVSM, RNP-10 and NAT HLA airspace.
DAR (US FAA) Designated Airworthiness Representative
DCA Department Of Civil Aviation
DDG Dispatch Deviation Guide
DER (US FAA) Designated Engineering Representative
DFLD Database Field Loadable Data
DOT (US) Department of Transportation
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EETC Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificate
ESN Engine Serial Number
ETCA Engine Total Care Agreement
ETOPS Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operations
EU European Union
EMM Engine Maintenance Manual
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FANS Future Air Navigation System
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations (of the United States)
FIM Fault Isolation Manual
IBAC International Business Aviation Council
IATA International Air Transport Association
IBAO International Business Aviation Council
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ICA Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog
IS-BAO International Standards For Business Aircraft Operations
LOA Letter of Authorization for SAO - RVSM, RNP-10, NAT HLA
LODA SFA Letter of Deviation Authority for a Special Flight Authorization (SFA) for Ferry Flights - A510 Ops Spec
LODA A deviation from Part 125 to conduct operations in accordance with 14 CFR Part 91 to allow movement of airplanes as directed by the operator. See Part 125.1(a)
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MIP Maintenance Inspection Program - short term for ferry operations.
MPD Maintenance Planning Document
MRB Maintenance Review Board
MSN Manufacturer’s Serial Number
MSP Maintenance Service Program
OTAA Overseas Territory Aviation Authority
OTAC Overseas Territory Aviation Circular
OTAR Overseas Territory Aviation Requirement
Part 125 Certification and Operations: Aircraft having a seating capacity of 20 or more or a max payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more
PMA Parts Manufacturer Approval (non OEM parts)
QAM Quality Assurance Manager
SB Service Bulletin
SIL Service Instruction Leaflet
SL Service Letter
SMS Safety Management System
SSM Systems Schematics Manual
SRM Structural Repair Manual
TC Type Certificate
TCCA Transport Canada

Letters of Authorization (LOA) for RVSM, NAT HLA Airspace Approval, and Oceanic/RNP-10

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